Love Story: Jennifer & Pierre-Marc

A truly Canadian couple. Brought together by their love of Hockey.  Pierre-Marc met Jennifer when they where only 15 years old. 

When Pierre-Marc was 15 years old, he received the opportunity to  play hockey for a prep school out in Saskatchewan. Jennifer’s father, Frank, was the coach that approached him. The two met on Pierre-Marc first day in town. Jennifer also loved hockey and played for the same organization. The two stayed in touch and over the next 10 years became best friends. 

This is the love story that started with two friends and grew to be so much more. 

"We have known each other for 10 years, we  actually went to prom together when we were 17 years old."

Technically, we don’t really have a first official date. I would say it was more of a first “moment”. I had asked him to go to the movies one night, and I would say that after he had dropped me off at home, we both realized for the first time that this could be more then friends. -Jennifer

Who said I love you first?

Pierre-Marc: I did

Jennifer: I pretty much hinted at him telling me, and then said it right back. 

I feel like I should give you an idea of the type of couple that we are. We are two very career driven people that have very busy lives. If it isn’t for all the travelling and working, we also coach a local girls hockey team together  and are moving shortly into our condo we just recently bought. 

You can usually catch us hiking, playing board games or watching Friends. I would have to say we do everything together, which is odd since we are so very different. He is more the nerdy intellect where I am the out-going, social butterfly. He’s pretty dope!

When did you know he was the one?

There were two big moments that made me go “ya, he is it”

First was when I went to Europe about one month into seeing each other. We spent hours talking about everything and anything, every single night. That connection we developed gave me that first moment. Second would be after we had gone and played hockey and skated downtown Montreal. We kissed on the ice while snowflakes were falling on our faces. No word of a lie, I knew right then and there that he was it.

When did you know she was the one?

 I don’t think there was a particular instant, it simply materialized itself over time. I have never had any trouble imagining a future with Jen and to me that was a clear sign. If I have to be specific, the roller coaster of emotions we would go through as I started leaving for prolonged periods of time kind of sparked the flame and I knew this is the person I would spend forever with.

Like every couple, Jennifer and Pierre Marc had obstacles to overcome. One of their biggest struggles was Pierre Marc traveling a lot for work. While this may tear some couples apart, it only brought them closer together. They had a hard time adjusting to the distance and being apart but in the end it made them realize how much they truly loved being together. 


The Bell Centre

The Bell Centre proposal was quite a magical and creative proposal. How did you come up with this idea? 

Seeing as we met each other through hockey and it being such a huge part of our life, I always knew the proposal was going to be related to it in some way. At first I wanted to do it after a practice at center ice. With that said, back in early December, we got confirmation that our team had been selected to play a game at the Bell Centre. I knew then that I had to do it centre ice at the Bell Centre as this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. -Pierre-Marc

The Proposal

 Alright so about the proposal at the Bell Centre. The fact is that none of it was officially planned.

As I got there I had to actually run after the organizers to try and get them to let me do this. All of it without Jen being suspicious of anything. The one thing I did not know, is that the event’s official photographer would stay on the ice for the proposal. Taking pictures of the whole thing.

We didn’t know was that the craziest was still to come. After the proposal, the main organizer of the event came to congratulate us. They asked if they could use the pictures for their social media. We said yes immediately. Thinking that it was going to be posted on the different platforms for the small event our team was participating in.

The Power of Social Media

Fast forward 2 hours later, and we start getting text messages from friends and family. Congratulating us while we had not told anyone yet.

Turns out, our picture was posted by the Montreal Canadiens. All across their social media platforms. This means our proposal picture was seen by thousands if not millions on people. All in all, it was a pretty eventful and successful day for something that wasn’t planned at all.

What's Next?

As a nod to Jennifer's heritage the happy couple plans on Honeymooning in Italy and possibly spending some time in Greece. 

After returning home  they plan to continue to focus on their careers. They want to continue travelling the world together and few years they would like to start a family.

Staying connected to the sport that brought them together, Jennifer and Pierre-Marc plan to continue coaching hockey in their community. 

Congratulations Jennifer and Pierre-Marc!