International Ring Sizing - How to convert my size?


The United Nations of International Ring Sizing

International Ring Sizing - How do I convert my size? Multiple countries have completely different means of measuring ring sizes. So what happens when you need to convert your ring size for another countries standards? This is where your international ring sizing chart comes in handy! (Chart will follow below)

Additionally, ring measurements are very precise. So it is important to be sure of your exact ring size so you can avoid encountering problems with your precious jewelry. A ring that is sized too large will fall off a finger and easily be lost. While a ring that is too small will be difficult to remove off a finger... especially when a finger inevitably swells due to heat or humidity. So when you are converting your ring size across international borders it is important to have the most precise measurement possible.

We've provided an informative and clear chart below as a guide for international ring sizing:


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