Diamond Buying 101 - Why Do I need a GIA?


Two of the most common questions we get at the Ecksand boutique are "What is a GIA?" and directly after "Why do I need a GIA?" In most large purchase industries (ie. Houses, Cars, Property) there are legal guidelines in place to protect the buyer. However, the Jewelry industry lies in a grey zone where the consumer is largely on his/her own. A GIA is a spotlight on the shaded corners of the jewelry industry.  So we've written this article to break-down the main reasons why having a GIA is a necessary part of any diamond purchase.

1. A Diamond is an Investment - Diamonds need paperwork too!

If you are purchasing a diamond which is over $1000, it can be considered a large investment. All investments have necessary paperwork to ensure the promised value. For example; houses have deeds, cars have registration etc... Therefore, something as important an expensive as a diamond, needs the same level of appraisal and paperwork. With this paperwork the buyer is able prove that the diamond is of a certain grade and value. Diamonds inevitably stay in a family for many years as important heirlooms. This makes the GIA document invaluable for later down the line, when divvying up assets and planning the passing on of treasures.

2. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) - They've got street cred

Think of the GIA like the United Nations of Diamond Grading. Established in 1931, they are the largest and most powerful authority of Gems in the world.  They are the force which creates and maintains the standardization of diamonds. When you buy a diamond that has an accompanying GIA you are also buying everlasting international credibility. Learn about the Gemological Institute of America here. 

3. Providing Microscopic and Scientific Information  - A report card for your Diamond

The characteristics which make up the value of your diamond are not easily detected by the naked eye. So how do you know if the price of your diamond matches the quality? Especially if you can't verify the quality with your eyes? A GIA report will give you transparent and accurate information about your diamond. The GIA grading report covers all aspects of your diamonds unique characteristics.  It provides an expert analysis of your diamond's quality based upon the "4Cs" of diamond grading: carat, colour, cut, and clarity. The report includes a diagram which clearly shows the diamond's unique inclusions and other clarity characteristics.  Additionally, the GIA determines whether the diamond is synthetic or a diamond stimulant. Lastly, the GIA will denote whether the colour in the diamond is natural or synthetically induced. All important information for a lifelong purchase!

4. Many sets of eyes are better then one - An entire team for your Diamond

The GIA is the home of hundreds of expertly trained diamond graders, gemologists, and scientists. The entire institute is based on scrutinizing diamonds and analyzing their worth. The GIA estimates that there are as many as 40 pairs of eyes for each stone which is laboratory graded.

5. Don't buy a fake!  - Scammers Beware

As much as we like to stay positive at Ecksand we know that everyone in the world doesn't  give a fair deal. Having a certified GIA means that the information you're jeweller is giving you is 100% truthful and correct. All GIA reports come with a reference number which can be searched in an online database. Be sure to search the reference number before completing your purchase so that you can ensure the GIA is legitimate.  All reputable jewellers will carry GIA certified stones, so don't be shy to ask for a GIA report before purchasing a stone.

6. GIA's make Comparing Easy - Shop Easier, Shop Smarter

Comparing the prices of diamonds with GIA certificates is very easy. Once you find a GIA appraised diamond that you are interested in you can call multiple jewellers and ask for their pricing of that specific GIA appraised diamond.  Experienced jewellers should be able to quote you an exact price. This way you can use your GIA as a great way to ensure you are getting the best price for the diamond grade you want.

7. GIA's give your purchase confidence - Peace of Mind

Lastly and most importantly, purchasing a GIA certified diamond will provide you with confidence and peace of mind. Usually, the purchase of a diamond signifies celebration.  Whether you are starting a new engagement, marking an anniversary, or simply saying "I love you" to the one you hold dear. At Ecksand we want these happy purchases to stay joyful and celebratory. Choosing a diamond that has been GIA appraised is a fool proof way of ensuring a 100% positive experience!

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