Bespoke: The Ecksand Custom Jewel Process




1.(of goods, especially clothing or accessories) made to order.

"a bespoke piece of jewelry"

Creating a bespoke ring or fine jewel at Ecksand is a fun and exciting process.  Experiencing the many joys of customization and meticulous craftsmanship can be easy, painless and rewarding. At Ecksand we have a streamlined process in place which ensures people from all over the world can enjoy custom Canadian handcrafted Ecksand jewelry. We do this with help of video calling, screen sharing, emails and phone calls. We can assure you that even if you can't meet us in person, the quality and value of your bespoke experience will not be compromised. We have written this article to detail the customization process and answer any questions that you might have.

Step 1 - Complete the form

Whether you are still deciding on your design or you know exactly what you want, our design team will work closely with you in order to create your perfect jewel. The first step of the custom process is to fill out our custom-made inquiry form. Our form will help guide you through our specific custom selections and perhaps spark some further inspiration!  Most importantly, this form will give our Ecksand team of experts a general overview of your desired jewel.  After you have completed the form an Ecksand representative will call you to start a dialogue and begin discussing your design!

Step 2 - Choose your Stone

At Ecksand all our precious gems are ethically sourced, conflict free, and sustainable. Our jewelry experts will work within your agreed spending limit to find the best stone for the proposed design. This is a very important part of the bespoke process which requires some discussion and thought.  We always invite our customers to view the loose stones and we inform them about the unique characteristics of each one.  We do this so you can choose your diamond, and or, precious stone with confidence, armed with a solid understanding of exactly what you're purchasing. All Ecksand gems are certified with a GIA, which provides the holder with extensive knowledge about their precious stone. Curious about GIA's? Read our articles "How do I read a GIA?" and "Why do I need a GIA?



Once your stone choice has been finalized, we will create a computerized (CAD) model which displays the multi-angled renderings of your specific piece. Our 3D designers will provide you with images of your CAD model to give you a clear  visualization of your future jewel.  The 3D rendering also helps us decide on any final adjustments or tweaks to the jewel design. After, the design is fully finalized it is passed on to our Canadian atelier to be handcrafted.

Ecksand CAD Render

Ecksand CAD Render

Step 4 - Meticulous Hand-Craftsmanship

Our master jewellers will handcraft your bespoke jewel in our Canadian atelier. Once your jewel is completed an Ecksand representative will call you to arrange a delivery or pick up.

Erica Bianchini, Ecksand's chief creative director in our Montreal Atelier. FLARE MAGAZINE

Erica Bianchini, Ecksand's chief creative director in our Montreal Atelier. FLARE MAGAZINE

Step 5 - Enjoy your Bespoke Ecksand Jewel

The gift of an Ecksand ring bears the seal of quality and everlasting elegance, therefore, Ecksand has a "Lifetime guarantee of endless beauty". For tips on fine jewelry cleaning and maintenance check out our informative articles; "3 Best Steps for Cleaning my Engagement Ring" and "How to keep my Fine Jewelry Clean."