Behind The Beauty - Inside The Ecksand Atelier

Step Inside The Ecksand Atelier

Every Ecksand jewel is meticulously handcrafted with delicate care. Step inside the Ecksand atelier and witness the artistry of our master jewellers craftsmanship.

Ecksand is a top Montreal jeweller renowned for it’s natural materials and ethical hand-craftsmanship. Many years ago Ecksand began as a search for the perfectly crafted jewel, a harm-free creation which could pair the beauty of nature with state of the art craftsmanship. Today, our Montreal atelier offers high quality, ethical, and natural jewels which shine brighter with every smile they create. Ecksand jewels are a piece of a better environmental and ethical future. 

“Ecksand Jewels Represent the ultimate expression of what humans can craft with precious gems.” 

  • Handpicked Ethical Diamonds
  • State of the Art Craftsmanship
  • Canadian Handmade
  • Perfected for Timeless Moments