Atelier: Erica Bianchini of Ecksand, Luxe Jewellery’s Rock Star by Flare Magazine


INSIDE THE ATELIER by Flare Magazine

Flare magazine; has featured Ecksand's Creative Director Erica Bianchini as their "Luxe Jewelry Rock Star." Erica talks about the beginnings of Ecksand and it's notable growth into a unique industry game changer.

Ecksand divides itself between a 600-square-foot atelier with hardwood floors in an old building in Montreal’s diamond district, flooded with natural light (“the only kind for jewellery”), and a micro-boutique nearby. At first, Bianchini, who has her hand in design, marketing and individual client service, was unsure of where to be. “I had running shoes at the boutique and would go between the two, and to our diamond cutter.” She now spends her mornings at the atelier and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the boutique. “I work seven days a week,” she says. She’s designing, team building and meeting clients, which sometimes sends her to Europe. When she can, she hits green space with her Bernese mountain dog, Benson, which she credits for inspiring her nature-centric designs.

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