Which Necklace Length Is Right For Me?


Necklace length can make all the difference when you are putting an outfit together. Having many different sizes and styles of necklaces on hand is a great addition to any wardrobe. Yet, many people are not familiar with the different necklace lengths which exist in the jewelry industry. Fortunately, there are some very basic and easy guidelines for understanding all of the various necklace lengths out there.

The jewelry industry has standard necklace lengths which are measured in inches. A standard chain length is usually 16 to 20 inches, which means that it sits just between the base of the throat and the collarbone.  That being stated, the correct length for you is based on your personal taste, there are no “rules.”


14 to 16 inches is the standard length. However, this all depends on how grown up your child is.


Yes, we can’t forget about necklace sizing for men. Usually, a men’s necklace is 18 – 20 inches in length. This length is typically for a necklace that will lie directly on the collarbone. If a man is wearing a slightly open shirt, the necklace can sit comfortably on the collarbone and be seen easily. If he is wearing a small pendant or medallion, the chain can be a touch longer for dramatic effect.


The classic pearl necklace has its own rule book for sizing. A formal pearl necklace is meant to fit in a very specific way. It should fit above the collarbone or directly below the neckline. That being said,  long pearl strands wrapped together are an also stylish option and are often seen in opera/rope necklace length.

No matter what length your necklace is sure to wear it with pride and embrace its beauty!