Buying A Ring On A Budget


Buying a engagement ring can be stressful.
This stress can be even more evident when you're trying to work within a fixed budget. It can be hard figuring out where you should put your money and deciding where you should compromise to make the most of your budget?


Factors to consider for your purchase:

1. Color - The diamond color rating is a place you can compromise if you are buying a diamond ring that has a yellow or rose gold band. You can opt for a lower color rating since the gold color reflects into the diamond. Warmer toned bands, like rose gold or yellow gold, the impurities in diamond color are less noticeable. 

2. Carat - If you are trying to save money consider going with a lower karat gold. Opt for 14K instead of 18K  or white gold instead of Platinum.  However, this will only save you money short term, the lower the karat, the more likely you are to see scratches in the ring. 

3. Halo - If you are looking for a voluminous ring with the “wow factor”, consider purchasing a diamond with a halo. By adding a pavé of diamonds around your center stone, you are adding volume and brilliance to your ring without actually increasing the size of the center diamond. A halo can make the center stone look up to half a carat larger. 

4. Clarity - If you make sure that your inclusions (imperfections) are on the outside of the diamond, you can purchase a diamond with a lower clarity. This means a VVS2 can look very similar to a VS2.
Be careful though! You never want inclusions in the center of your stone, as this will result in a speckled, less sparkly, diamond due to light being unable to refract in the diamond properly.

5. Center Stone - If  your partner is open to the idea of other gems, you can pop the question with a unique, more budget friendly ring.  When considering your options for an engagement ring, keep an open mind. Create a beautiful engagement ring that your partner will love, out of less traditional gems Sapphires, pearls, rubies, emeralds, and other colored fine gems make excellent options. To ensure quality, always stay in the precious or semi precious family and never buy treated gems. 

6. White Diamonds - White diamonds are stones you can compromise on if she likes the look of a diamond but is willing to choose a different precious stone. Just remember, like with any gemstone, stick to precious or semi precious and stay away from treated gems. With white diamonds you are better off going for a sapphire and avoiding moissanite and white topaz since these stones are beautiful when initially purchased but lose their luster overt time. 



When you go looking for that special ring keep in mind two important factors: What do you feel comfortable spending? What attributes are most important to you? Is it the size, the quality, or  should you consider a different gem?  Having a budget range before you head out will reduce your stress, and limit the chance of buyers remorse from overspending. While no jeweler expects you to know everything, having an idea of the things you value will give you peace of mind and more confidence while shopping.